Payment Options


For All Clients Who Paid Through Direct Deposits to the Bank Accounts of Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corporation

Please submit a clear scanned copy of the validated deposit slip to helpdesk@phillife.local for our verification and for proper acknowledgement.

For your next payments, please pay through the banks/payment centers in which PhilLife Financial has collection agreements.

Important reminders for payments through online, bank over-the-counter and Bayad Center:

  1. Always bring your premium notice when making payment.
  2. Cash or check payment is accepted.
  3. The validated bills payment slip/transaction payment form serves as your proof of payment.
    • It is not valid if not machine validated.
    • Make sure that the validation is correct based on the information provided.
  4. The official receipt will be mailed to you within 30 days.
  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) and Online Payments
    • Dragonpay | Our Partners | CIMB Bank PH
    • Land Bank of the Philippines | Home
  2. PhilLife Head Office and Branches
    Accepted payments:
    • Cash
    • Check (Please make check payable to Philippine Life Financial Assurance Corp.)
  3. Bayad Center
    • Fill out the Transaction/Payment Form available at site. Indicate the name of the insured, policy number and amount due.
    • Present to the teller the premium notice, accomplished Transaction Payment Form and payment. Payment will not be accepted without premium notice.
    • Wait for the premium notice and validated Transaction Payment Form.
  1. Banks – Over-the-counter (OTC) Bills Payment
    1. Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP)
      • Fill out the bills payment form.
      • Present to the teller the premium notice and accomplished bills payment form.
    2. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)
      • Fill out Metrobank Payment Slip in two (2) copies
        Merchant name: PhilLife Financial
        Note: 1st Copy – Bank’s copy; 2nd copy – Client’s copy
      • Present duly accomplished Payment Slip forms to Metrobank teller together with the cash /check.
      • Wait for a copy of the validated Payment Slip from the Metrobank teller.
    3. Asia United Bank (AUB)
      • Encode payment details using AUB’s Virtual Teller Kiosk (VTK).
        1. Choose PAYMENT as transaction type.
        2. Select “PHILLIFE FINANCIAL ASSURANCE” from the dropdown list.
        3. Follow the steps shown on the screen of the VTK. Information to be encoded:
          • Policy Number (8-digit)
          • Name of policy owner
          • Nature of Payment (under “Particulars”)
          • Amount of Payment
      • Wait for the transaction/queue slip (with number) to be printed and released by VTK
      • Wait for the AUB Teller to call your number.
      • Present the transaction/queue slip to the AUB teller and wait for a printed copy of the validated bank receipt.