Health Access Plus

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When it comes to your well-being, make sure you cover all the bases.

Health Access Plus is a 12-year pay plan with maximum protection for life.

Plan features:

    • Issue ages: 20 – 55 years old
    • Cash values start on the second year
    • This plan is available at PhP 5,000, PhP 10,000 or PhP 15,000 of annual premiums
    • Built-in Terminal Illness Benefit that can advance 50% of the face amount or a maximum of 2 million, whichever is lower

Built-in benefits:

    • Life insurance coverage
    • Hospital confinement benefit which gives you PhP 450 per day allowance per confinement for 365 days per year up to age 65
    • Surgical allowance of up to PhP 10,000 per year
    • Accidental death benefit which will automatically double the face amount of your insurance